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ABOut the Depot District

A Community Investment District that is calling you to join them. 

Men and women with dreams built Moberly around a railroad depot over a century ago. They saw potential. They had dreams, and 150 years later, that spirit is still alive and calling to those who still seek to chart a course focused on entrepreneurship, quality of life, cultural experiences and excitement. The Depot District is guided by creative individuals, who envision great things and are using the historic district of Moberly to craft a downtown that focuses on individuals, personal growth, business enhancement and experiential products that improve one's daily life. Making a difference locally, regionally and perhaps even nationally is the persona of this midwestern town of 13,000. A sense of place where one belongs and people say hello as you walk down the street or invite you for a craft beer or a community event.
Positive energy and a “can do” attitude abound. Join a lifestyle, become part of a startup or simply invest at the ground level.
What's the advantage? The cost of living is lower, gorgeous historic real estate can be purchased for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Moberly is a regional retail and entertainment hub drawing from 18 communities consisting of over 50,000 households. Taxes are low, government incentives can reach to 50% of your investment and best of all, you can be who you want to be, when you want to be and how you want to be. The catch? There is none, except be successful and help design a lifestyle destination. The pieces are all in place, we just need you, your creative vision and your dreams.  

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Federal Opportunities Zone
Legal Description

The Downtown CID was established under Missouri’s Community Improvement District Act on February 21, 2017 by the Council of City of Moberly pursuant to a petition submitted by a majority of the residents and business of the Downtown area to provide a source of revenue and implement a program of improvements to public and private properties, collective promotions and other similar activities (the “Downtown Revitalization Program”). District affairs are governed by a 5 person board of directors appointed by the City Council.

Through the utilization of these economic development programs, the District is excited to see an increase in commercial business, tourism, the expansion of local businesses and the overall revitalization of Downtown Moberly.

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