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Private Property Improvement Incentive Program (PPI)

PPI Program Terms - (revised April 24, 2024)


The purpose of the Private Property Improvement Incentive Program is to assist property owners with improvements to real property within the Downtown Moberly Community Improvement District. Priority focus will be on properties identified with health or safety issues identified through the City of Moberly’s Code Enforcement. Funds for this program are provided by the Moberly Downtown Community Improvement District and are subject to staying within the City of Moberly fiscal year budget. For an application to be approved, budgeted funds must be available.


The following objectives, guidelines, and requirements govern the Private Property Improvement Incentive Program.  A committee of three persons, two from the Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC) and a City Code Enforcement official will be responsible for accepting, reviewing, and approving applications submitted by downtown property owners.



  1. Promote larger investments in Downtown Moberly.

  2. Promote more exterior, facade, (e.g., tuckpointing, awnings, windows, doors/entryways, paint/siding/other exterior surface, lighting if associated with other qualifying improvements, and exterior signage).

  3. Promote structural and longevity improvements to buildings.

  4. Encourage the use of local contractors.


Project Criteria:

  1. One incentive award per structure within a CID fiscal year (July through June)

  2. 70/30 matching funds, up to a maximum incentive award of $7,000 per project

  3. Up to 10 projects could be funded at maximum reimbursement amounts, or a greater number of projects at lesser amounts as long as the total incentives awarded do not exceed $70,000 per fiscal year (or such other amounts as may be budgeted in a given fiscal year)

  4. Program is for private property only – governmental entities are not eligible


Guidelines & Requirements:

  1. Preference will be given to projects that promote program objectives.

  2. An applicant is allowed to do only one PPI project per property per fiscal year (July through June).

  3. All work on a project must be completed by the end of the fiscal year (June 30) for which the incentive award is provided to the applicant.

  4. A summary of the proposed renovation/rehabilitation project must be submitted with the application.

  5. Applicants must adhere to applicable Moberly ordinances and code enforcement requirements set forth by the city. Contact Moberly City Hall Code Enforcement (660-269-8705 Ext. 2042 or 2043) to determine city requirements prior to submitting an application.

  6. Incentive awards are provided to assist with building code violation remediation as well as other real property improvements within the Downtown Moberly Community Improvement District.

  7. Applicants must be current on all Randolph County real property tax payments for properties owned within the Downtown Moberly Community Improvement District to qualify for project reimbursement.

  8. Approved applications must be in good standing with the City of Moberly utility billing.

  9. After the application is approved and before reimbursement can be made, documentation of the paid project expenses must be provided in the form of paid invoices and copies of checks rendered for payment (front & back) or credit card receipts and credit card statements showing payments made.

  10. Contractors must provide waiver of liens for all work completed prior to reimbursement being made.

  11. Applications will be scored utilizing the accompanying sample scoring rubric.


For Additional Information, Contact:              

Kaylee Paffrath

Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation

115 N. Williams St.

Moberly, MO 65270


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