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City of Moberly awarded $494,266 ARPA Community Revitalization Grant

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The City of Moberly and the Moberly Depot District announce their ARPA Community Revitalization Grant submission was successful and they have been awarded $494,266 to be used for the further development of The Fennel as a Community Center. The Fennel is a historic building formerly known as Fennel Wagon Works and Fennel Auto Body Works located at 315 North Clark in the downtown Moberly Depot District.

The City of Moberly has been working to improve this property for the past several years to become a downtown space that could be used for Farmer’s Market type events and other community activities. “This grant will allow The Fennel to be further improved so that these types of events could take place year-round,” said Public Works Director, Tom Sanders from the City of Moberly. According to Sanders, grant dollars will be used to provide nice finished floors, to treat, seal, and insulate walls, install HVAC, upgrade electric, install utilities, add additional bathrooms, and enhance lighting.

Moberly City Manager Brian Crane said, “the City is grateful for the opportunity to use grant dollars to invest and improve The Fennel as a public space for the community.” Crane expanded to say “The Fennel outdoor area opened in May 2022 and hosted numerous public and private events over the summer months with positive feedback. This grant will allow The Fennel to continue to be used as a gathering space when our weather would normally be a roadblock.”

Mayor Jerry Jeffrey stated, “The City of Moberly will continue to take advantage of grant funding opportunities to assist with Moberly’s long-term development plans whenever possible. City Council appreciates the City Staff’s commitment to identifying and applying for these grants when they arise.”

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